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TBT: Wicked Birthday Haul!

Hellooo! I've taken a bit of a break from my blog following a bit of a rough few months however, I'm trying to get back into it again so here we are! It was my birthday a while ago (the 31st May to be precise) and I don’t normally write about presents I’ve received however, my bestie Lyndsey got me some theatrey themed presents so I thought I’d do a post about them! She knows I’m a MASSIVE fan of Wicked (I’ve dragged her to see it once... so far) and some of the presents she got me were Wicked themed!

First up was a wooden box which Lyndsey had hand painted Wicked themed! The top of the box features Elphaba, along with the Wicked logo in white. The front features my name and a cluster of music notes, the left side is painted with the words ‘Because I knew you…’, with the right side completing the quote with ‘...I have been changed for good’! Finally, the back of the box is painted with the quote ‘I think I’ll try defying gravity and you can’t pull me down’! I LOVE the quotes she chose, along with the box as a whole and I can’t believe how neatly painted it is, it looks AMAZING and I LOVE it!

The box was filled with shredded green paper, along with a number of other presents wrapped up! The first one I opened was a pen designed to look like a broomstick! I love the way it’s made and it literally looks like a miniature broomstick! Next in the box was a set of two postcards from Wicked UK’s fifth anniversary! I don’t know where she found them but I LOVE them SO much! The back of the postcards is designed like a standard postcard, with the addition of a short description of the plot of the show however, I definitely won’t be posting these anywhere! Next, I opened a flyer from Wicked on Broadway with Rachel Tucker as Elphaba! I’ve always wanted to go to New York and see Wicked on Broadway, so I was VERY excited to have a piece of it here! The next present in the box was a set of three Wicked UK postcards and I’m not sure when they’re from but I love them! Again, they have a standard postcard design on the back but I will definitely be keeping them for my memorabilia collection! I LOVE limited edition items and I love adding pieces of memorabilia like these to my collection!

The next present I opened was a letter S covered in pictures from Wicked! Lyndsey had covered the three dimensional letter in SO many tiny cast pictures from the show and it looked amazing! Finally, I opened up a card with a pin badge on it in the shape of a circle, with a dark green background and ‘Graduate of Shiz University’ written on it in a brighter

shade of green! I love merchandise that you would only understand if you knew the show and this is definitely one of those! I love how​​ original it is and the overall design of the pin! Also, there was a business card with the pin with a link to their Etsy store, magicandmusicals, which you can find here!

Finally there was a bit of a bonus gift which arrived after my birthday in the form of a Wicked coaster! The coaster has a black and green theme on a white background, with quotes from the show along with images of Elphaba's hat and broomstick! It's another unique piece of merchandise and I love it!

I was definitely spoiled and I loved everything I received for my birthday this year! I LOVED all the Wicked themed presents and I’m VERY happy to have all the memorabilia in my collection! I also LOVE the box and how professional it looks, along with the customised letter S! Overall it’s a massive thank you to Lyndsey!

Thanks for reading!


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