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New Hope Club - Welcome To The Club EP Review

Welcome To The Club EP Cover

Hellooo! I feel like all I've been writing about lately is The Vamps and New Hope Club! (Not ​​so) coincidentally, I'm going to see The Vamps' Four Corners tour this week, who New Hope Club are on tour with, so I guess these posts are the build up to seeing the tour! Anyways, we'll call this post the prequel to my review of New Hope Club's Welcome To The Club (Pt. 2) EP as this one is all about the Welcome To The Club EP! This EP was released back in May 2017 and comprises of four songs. I love three of the songs and although I'm not as sold on the fourth (which we'll get onto later), I still love the EP as a whole!

Fixed opens the EP and I really like this song! I love the catchy chorus and the melody of the vocals. I also really like the backing vocals in the chorus and throughout the song, along with the guitar in the verses. I also love the production of the vocals in the chorus and the overall instrumentation in the chorus! It's a song that definitely gets stuck in your head and is a solid opener to the Welcome To The Club EP! The second track on the EP is Water, ​​which I LOVE! I love the rhythmic guitar throughout the song, particularly in the chorus and the guitar tone and melody that's

​​​​​​​​introduced just before the pre-chorus! I like that all three band members have a line each in the second half of the chorus and the way the lead switches between each of them. I also LOVE Reece's voice in the second verse and the lead up to the final chorus! Water is full of energy and I love it!

Track number 3 on the Welcome To The Club EP is Friend Of A Friend, another one that I LOVE! I love the guitar rhythm throughout the song and the tempo of the song as a whole. I like the varying use of percussion throughout the track, particularly during the chorus and also LOVE the pre-chorus as a whole. The electronic effects on the vocals following the chorus contrast with the more acoustic based

instruments used in the song and I like the way the styles blend together. The fourth and final track on the EP is Perfume and I'm not ​​sure I'm as sold on this one as I am the other three. I can't quite put my finger on what exactly it is but I think it's the production of the song that I'm not a fan of. It stands out compared to the other three and I think the production of the song lets it down as I like the song itself. I like the catchy chorus and I really like the middle 8, I've just struggled to hear past the production which is a shame!

All in all, Welcome To The Club is a solid EP which introduced New Hope Club well. I love Fixed, Water and Friend Of A Friend and the blend of acoustic instruments with electronic elements works well. I just wish Perfume was produced the same way as the previous three as it feels like it sticks out slightly when you listen to the EP as a whole.

Thanks for reading!


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