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Blackpink - Kill This Love EP Review

Hellooo! This post has been sat half-finished in my drafts for SO long so I thought it was about time to complete and upload it! I originally heard about South Korean girl group Blackpink following their performance at Coachella last year, before listening to their music, including their second EP, Kill This Love! I love that Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rosé each have unique voices but they all blend together perfectly! I love how Blackpink transition between singing in Korean and English seamlessly and how they combine singing and rapping. I also love how they always nail the choreography effortlessly in both the music and performance videos and live on stage.

The first track on the EP is the titular single, Kill This Love. At first, I wasn't sure what to make of this song but grew on me pretty quickly and now I love it! I love the pre-chorus and the way it leads into the chorus, along with how the rap fits the song well. The song is catchy and I like the unique structure of the song, with it missing a final chorus. I also LOVE the video for Kill This Love! I love how each band member has their own theme and the giant bear trap near the end. The overall production of the video is SO good and it fits the song well. I also LOVE the choreography for the track!

Don't Know What To Do is next on the EP and I LOVE this song! I love the overall style of the song, along with the chorus and the instrumental sections. I also love the atmospheric verses and how they contrast the more electronic instrumental sections without the song sounding disjointed. The third song on the EP is Kick It! I love the more acoustic sections of this track where the instrumentation is stripped back to just guitar and vocals. I also like the way the rumbling bass in the chorus contrasts with the softer parts.

Hope Not is track number four on the EP and is far softer than the previous three tracks. This song is more stripped back, placing the focus on the vocals and showcasing the band's voices. This softer track also shows the flexibility of the band and adds variety to the Kill This Love EP! The fifth and final song on the EP is a remix of DDU-DU DDU-DU! The remix is darker than the original and the instrumental sections are more intricate and although I like it, I love the original and I can't help but prefer it to the remix.

Overall, Blackpink have mixed a few different styles throughout the Kill This Love EP, however it still sounds cohesive when played together. I think my favourite tracks are Kill This Love and Don't Know What To Do! I love that the EP showcases different sides of the band, with electronic tracks, along with softer, more acoustic songs and overall, I love the EP!

Thanks for reading!


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