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TBT/FF: Six - Megasix Medley

Hellooo! This week's Throwback Thursday/ Favourites Friday is a song which is more of a reoccurring

favourite which I realised I hadn't actually written about yet! The musical Six is a show I've been wanting to see ever since the first London run of the production back in December 2017! I've fiiinally got tickets booked for later this year but for now, I've been watching ALL of the videos of the Six finale! The show closes with Megasix, a medley of songs from the show and the audience are allowed to film or take pictures which I love!

I love the way highlights from each song in the show were chosen and the way they seamlessly link together during Megasix! The finale is upbeat and feels like the kind of crowd-pleaser song an artist would play to end their concert which suits Six perfectly! I love the way the production, vocals and instrumentation come together for the final note, giving the song a powerful ending. I also like the instrumental section following the end of the vocals as the Queens are leaving the stage. I LOVE the choreography throughout the song and how it transitions between each section in the medley. The track allows the Queens to

interact with the crowd though with the format of the show, I imagine they do that earlier on ​​in Six too! Megasix allows all the personalities of the Queens to shine through, whilst also allowing them to perform as a group and I love how it showcases Six as a whole! I also LOVE the final section of the song from the incredible final 'we don't need your love' through to all the Queens triumphantly declaring that they're 'six'! I imagine it's even better in person than it is on video and Six is definitely on my 'need to see' list and I CANNOT WAIT to tick it off!

When Six first started, they only had one understudy which was their seventh Queen, Grace Mouat! Grace covered all six roles which was incredible and because of this, there are a few compilations of her playing all six Queens during the finale! I always find it incredible that swings and understudies can perform numerous roles within a show effortlessly and this montage is just one example of that!

The fact that they allow the audience to film the show finale is a great idea as it's almost like free advertising for the show! It also means that those of us who haven't managed to see the show yet can get a taste of what Six is all about! It also means that you can watch different variations of the cast, both leads and understudies! Megasix is a great highlights reel for the show and I can't wait to see the full show! The overall production looks incredible and I love the costumes, staging and lighting in the clips I've seen! I also LOVED their performance on Britain's Got Talent earlier this week!

Thanks for reading!


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