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The Vamps - Missing You EP Review

The Vamps Missing You EP

Hellooo! On Friday, The Vamps released their new EP titled Missing You! The Vamps wrote ​​and produced the Missing You EP themselves, making me even more excited to hear it! The EP as a whole features lyrics that feel honest and genuine, and the production behind the songs highlight that. It sounds like a very personal set of songs and there's definitely plenty of emotion in them!

The first song on the Missing You EP is the titular track, Missing You! I LOVE this song! The track grows and evolves as it progresses and I love how it grows. I love the steady kick drum that drives the first verse before continuing throughout the song, along with the percussion as a whole throughout the song. I love the guitar leading into the final 'you's and the build up and transition into that section. The song picks up in the second chorus, which suits the progression well and I like that the higher pitched chorus contrasts with the deeper verses. I love the lyrics throughout the song and the emotion throughout the performance. I also LOVE the layered backing vocals, particularly in the second verse.

Track 2 on the EP is Right Now (feat. Krept & Konan), which I wrote a Favourites Friday on a couple of weeks ago and can read here! Right Now has a different feel to the other three tracks on the EP, however it doesn't stand out too much and I think it makes a good addition and adds variety to the Missing You EP.

Waves is the third track on the Missing You EP and I LOVE it! I love the tempo and rhythm of the song and the powerful drums throughout. The guitar suits the instrumentation in the first verse and I love the bass in the pre-chorus and chorus. I LOVE the chorus as a whole and really like that you can hear Connor in the backing vocals! The middle 8 is more stripped back and I love the guitar in this section. The lyrics are honest and I LOVE them, particularly the pre-choruses! I love the song as a whole and how powerful Brad's vocals are, especially in the choruses! Waves sounds like it would be incredible live and I'm hoping that it's going to be on the Four Corners tour setlist!

The fourth and final track on the Missing You EP is an acoustic version of All The Lies. The original version of this song was released in March by Alok featuring Felix Jaehn and The Vamps. I also wrote a Favourites Friday about this track when it was first released, which you can read here! I like that the more stripped back version of All The Lies places more focus onto the lyrics and I love the layered backing vocals throughout the song. I also really liked the piano line in the second chorus!

I LOVE the Missing You EP! Missing You and Waves are fighting for my favourite at the moment but Waves might just have it! I love how powerful and full of emotion those songs are and when grouped with Right Now and All The Lies (Acoustic), they make an EP full of variety and styles. The lyrics are honest and personal throughout the EP and it suits the progression of the band moving forward from the two Night and Day albums. It definitely sounds like a more mature version of The Vamps, with the songs centred around emotional lyrics and I love that they wrote and produced the EP themselves, making it even more personal. However, I do wish they'd released a physical version of the EP!

Thanks for reading!


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