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Limited Edition: Vinyl Singles Collection featuring 5SOS and The Saturdays!

3 Vinyl Singles

Hellooo! I've written a few posts about vinyl records I own, along with limited edition ​​releases I have in my collection and I thought I'd write a post about my small collection of vinyl singles! I only have a few but a couple of them are coloured which I LOVE! My collection comprises of Amnesia and She's Kinda Hot from 5 Seconds of Summer and All Fired Up from The Saturdays!

The first vinyl (single or LP) I ever bought was All Fired Up by The Saturdays back in 2011! The 7" vinyl was part of a bundle with CD versions of the single and EP which I ordered from The Saturdays' website and the vinyl was limited to 500 copies! Side A on the vinyl format of the single includes All Fired Up (The Alias Radio Edit), with Side B containing All

All Fired Up Vinyl

Fired Up (Space Cowboy Remix). This vinyl was also PINK which I was VERY excited about! The colour matches the aesthetic of the branding for the single and I love it! I also really like how the printing on the centre of the vinyl is simple on side A and includes the tracklist on side B. Unfortunately, the sleeve for mine is a bit battered as I think I used to have it displayed in my room but I take more care of my records these days!

Amnesia Vinyl

Next up was a copy of Amnesia by 5 Seconds of Summer released back in 2014 on 7" black vinyl. I bought this one in a bundle from their website which also ​included a CD copy of the single, along with a digital download, all for £7.99. I believe there's a picture disc version of this single that was released in Canada although, I can't find a picture of the actual record anywhere so I'm not sure what it looks like or if it actually exists! The version I have includes Amnesia on Side A, followed by a cover of Green Day's American Idiot on Side B.

Finally, in 2015 I bought the 7" vinyl single version of She's Kinda Hot by 5 Seconds of Summer for £6.99 which was again, from their website. I think this one might be my favourite of the three!

She's Kinda Hot Vinyl

The sleeve for the record has a matte effect to it and also has a spine, giving the sleeve more structure. It also includes an inner sleeve to further protect the record, which the other two don't have. Also, the vinyl is RED! I love it! I love the colour of it and the swirl design on the centre of Side A and how it matches the branding for that single! Side A features She's Kinda Hot, followed by Side B containing The Girl Who Cried Wolf, which was later included on the band's Sounds Good Feels Good album.

So these were the first three records I ever bought, with all three being a 7" single! I love a good coloured vinyl so I'm VERY happy to have the pink All Fired Up and red She's Kinda Hot records in my collection! I remember getting All Fired Up before the vinyl revival and thinking it was a cool little collectable and looking back, I'm very glad I decided to buy it along with the 5 Seconds of Summer singles!

Thanks for reading!


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