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FF: Tracks from Ava Max, Bea Miller and Hey Violet!

Hellooo! For this week's Favourites Friday, I've picked a few different songs I've ​​been very much enjoying listening to lately! I love the lyrics in all three of these tracks and they're all super catchy! We've got new tracks in the form of Better By Myself from Hey Violet and it's not u it's me from Bea Miller with 6LACK, along with a song that's been growing on me for a while which is So Am I by Ava Max!

Ava Max's So Am I has been out for a while now and it's really grown on me over the past couple of weeks! I love the lyrics and the story and message behind the song! It's catchy and I love the melody of the chorus along with how energetic the song as a whole feels. The vocals are controlled and showcase Ava Max's voice perfectly! I also really like the video and how it suits the song so well! Ava Max demonstrates her passion for the message throughout the video and everything from So Am I being written on everyone's

hands to the choreography suits the song perfectly. It's a song that I'm sure resonates with SO many people, with a message that makes you feel like you can do anything! All in all, I love the song and particularly the lyrics! I love the line 'it's okay to be different, 'cause baby, so am I' as it's so relatable and it's a message of reassurance that I'm sure plenty of people out there would love to hear!

Next up is a track which had it's video release yesterday! it's not u it's me from Bea Miller and 6LACK is a twist on the classic breakup line and I really like it! I love the vocal/synth type chords in the introduction and continuing throughout the song. I really like the instrumentation in the chorus and the deep, atmospheric bass in the pre-chorus. I love the lyrics throughout the song and the melodies in the vocal line from start to finish. Bea Miller's voice suits the song perfectly and I love how her voice portrays the story behind the lyrics. I also liked 6LACK's addition to the song and the collaboration fit well

and didn't feel forced. I loved the video and how it shows different versions of Bea Miller while carrying the same aesthetic themes from scene to scene.

Finally, we have a last minute addition to this week's Favourites Friday! Hey Violet release a video for their new track Better By Myself! The band have morphed through a few different styles in their time and I love the style of Better By Myself! I love the honest lyrics and the backing vocals in the chorus balance the higher pitched lead line well. I love the bass tone and the general instrumentation all the way through. It's a catchy song and I'm sure it's going to continue to grow on me the more I listen to it!

Thanks for reading!


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