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FF: The Vamps New Single and Some Thoughts On the Upcoming EP!

Hellooo! A few days ago The Vamps announced that they were releasing a new single named​​ Right Now featuring Krept & Konon! I'm a huge fan of The Vamps. I managed to see them on tour for the second time last year and have booked tickets to see them this year, so I was VERY excited to hear they were releasing new music!

My first impressions were that Right Now sounded like a mature, grown up version of The Vamps, following the progression from the Night & Day albums. I loved the choruses and Brad's voice suited the lower pitch. I also loved the vocal riffs and melodies in the chorus which again, complimented Brad's voice! The backing vocals and harmonies in the verses suited the song and worked well with the lead line. I really liked the guitar throughout the song and the drums in the chorus. I also really liked the general instrumentation in the chorus! All in all, I really like the song although, I feel like it could've done with more of The Vamps. Krept & Konan suited the song but it left The Vamps with just the choruses and I would've liked to hear a bit more from them. However, I'm sure I'll get more of that from the new EP coming out on the 19th April!

That brings me on to The Vamps' other announcement! The Vamps have announced the Missing You EP which will be released on the 19th April, with Right Now being the first track released from this EP. I thought it was interesting that The Vamps have chosen to release an EP ahead of their upcoming Four Corners Tour rather than a full album. I'm assuming this was related to their record contract probably requiring that they tour the Night & Day (Day Edition) album before releasing a new album. I like that they've chosen to release an EP to allow them to still release new music. I'm sure they have a new album lined up and can't wait to hear it! I also CANNOT WAIT for their Four Corners Tour!

It's great to see The Vamps releasing new music, though as I previously said, I can't help but wish the song had more of The Vamps in it! However, it's catchy and suits the collaboration between The Vamps and Krept & Konan well. I also like that it feels as though it has a number of different styles within the song but isn't disjointed when moving between them. The piano outro contrasts the rest of the song and it's interesting that they went with a piano rather than an acoustic guitar. A guitar would've mirrored the start of the track but I like that they chose a different route.

Finally, I also really like the artwork for the Missing You EP! It suits the progression from the Day Edition of the Night & Day album to the new EP and I like that the picture chosen looks natural. I also like the colour palette in the photo!

Thanks for reading!


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