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TBT Haul: Wicked UK Tour Merch!

Wicked Merchandise

Hellooo! So during my four visits to the Wicked UK Tour at Leeds Grand Theatre last year,​​ I​​ ended up buying a few bits and bobs which was no surprise! Also, I uploaded a review of my first trip to the Wicked UK Tour at the time but never got round to writing the other three so I'll be finishing and uploading them as 'Throwback Thursday' reviews at some point! Anyways, onto the purchases!

During my first trip to Wicked, I grabbed a tour brochure for either £6 or £8 and a house programme for £4. I wanted to make sure I grabbed those first as I always make sure I have a programme for every show I see! The brochure was a larger, glossy book full of pictures of the production without any adverts inside and the house programme was a smaller book produced by the theatre itself with a cast list included along with adverts. Wicked's programmes are always great quality and these were no exception!

When I visited Wicked for the second time, I grabbed a few more pieces of merchandise! I decided to buy a set of four badges for £5, a patch with the Wicked logo on for £6, a set of four postcards for £5 and a pin badge for £5. I love the quotes on the badges and how even the backing card is themed rather than just a plain black card and I would definitely buy a larger version if they ever sold prints of them! The wicked patch is also great quality and although I don't have a use for it at the moment, I couldn't leave it behind! I'd seen the postcards available in the Wicked USA store and was SO happy to see them at the touring merchandise stand! They didn't seem to be advertised anywhere so I asked if they had one and the lovely lady on the merchandise stand grabbed a set for me! They're all SO PRETTY and although I would never part with them to use them as actual postcards (even though the back is printed so that you can use them as actual post cards), maybe one day I'll frame them! I seem to have started a small collection of theatre pin badges and when I saw the Wicked logo one, I just had to buy it too!

Front of Wicked Tote Bag

Sadly, while I was on the way to see the Wicked UK Tour for the third time, my water bottle leaked in my bag and ruined my house programme! I'd taken them with me so I could visit the stage door so I bought a replacement house programme but luckily my glossy brochure was fine. Along with this programme, I couldn't resist grabbing one of the tote bags for £8! The bag has the wicked logo with silhouettes of the flying monkeys which continue along the sides of the bag. The other side of the bag features the iconic witches logo, matching the green straps on the bag! It's made of a thick plastic and contains an insert to keep the base of the bag flat which is handy.

I'm very happy to be adding these bits and pieces to my collection of Wicked merchandise because yes, I have plenty more which I may write about at some point. Wicked's merchandise is always high quality and although it can be a bit pricey, I think it's worth it if ​​you're a fan of the show!

Back of Wicked Tote Bag

Thanks for reading!


Unfortunately, Badges, Patch and Tote Bag are currently not listed on the Wicked UK website.

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