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TBT: Limited Edition ATC Gravity EP Bundle

Hellooo! Back in January 2015, I pre-ordered the Limited Edition Gravity EP​​ from Against The Current's website. I can't remember the exact title of the bundle was that I went for, but it included a Gravity t-shirt, a signed physical version of the Gravity EP, a signed Gravity poster and a signed Polaroid. This was back before Against The Current were signed to Fueled By Ramen and everything on their store was sent from the USA which meant postage was a bit steep but it was understandable! Now I did some research and found the exchange rates at the time for how much it was! The bundle itself was $34.99 (£23.23) and shipping was $16.50 (£10.95) bringing the overall total to $51.49 (£34.18). Overall, I think it was a pretty decent price considering the fact that three of the items were signed by the band.

First up was the Gravity EP itself which I loved as the case and styling matched Against The Current's previous release, the Infinity EP. This was signed by the band and I liked that they chose to use silver pens as it matched the aesthetic of the EP. The poster included in the bundle was an A3 version of the album cover and was also signed using silver pens to match the physical EP and it made me VERY happy that it all matched!

The third item in the bundle was a black t-shirt with the Gravity logo on the front. As it was a unisex fitting top, I went for a size small and it's a good size. I was a little unsure about the fact that the logo is printed in black onto black fabric so it doesn't show up too well however, it makes it a more subtle piece of merchandise which I quite like. The bundles ended up being delayed as the first batch of t-shirts weren't to the standard that Against The Current wanted so dispatch was delayed until the problem was solved. I liked that Against The Current did this as it showed they really cared about the products they were selling to their fans! Everything I've ever bought from Against the Current has been of a high quality and I'm never disappointed!​​​​

Finally, my favourite part of the bundle was definitely the signed Polaroid! This was because not only was it signed by all three members of the band, it was also one of a kind and completely unique! I can't remember exactly how many of these bundles were available but I want to say 100 or 200 but I might be wrong there. Either way, each bundle had a completely different Polaroid picture in it as they were actual Polaroids so none of them would ever be the same. Some of them were photographs of a single member of the band and some had all of them and I LOVE the one I received! All of them were from behind the scenes of the Paralyzed music video and mine features all three members of Against The Current ready to film and I just love it! It is something completely different in my collection and something that I will be unlikely to ever get again so I'm SO happy I decided to buy it back in 2015!

All in all, I love everything from this bundle and I also love all the songs on the Gravity EP! I've listened to it many a time and the poster lived on my university wall for a while! I also LOVE the Polaroid as it's so unique and I love that they went to the effort of taking so many different Polaroids to be included in the bundles.

Thanks for reading!


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