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FF: New Collaborations from Martin Jensen and James Arthur, Lauv and Troye Sivan

Hellooo! This week's Favourites Friday includes two more collaborations! I feel like a lot of the songs I've been loving lately have been collaborations! Anyways, this week I've been loving Martin Jensen and James Arthur's track Nobody and Lauv and Troye Sivan's i'm so tired...!

First is the new track by Martin Jensen and James Arthur! Nobody is a solid collaboration between them and showcases both of their strengths. I LOVE James Arthur's voice and this song is no different! I also loved Martin Jensen's collaboration with The Vamps on Middle Of The Night so I was VERY intrigued when I saw that he had a new song out with James Arthur. I really like the backing vocals in the repeated second chorus and how it emphasises the lead line but still blends into the overall mix. I like the instrumentation in the verses and the guitar tone and melody that sits behind the vocals. The piano doesn't sound too aggressive and fits in with the rest of the instruments well. I really like the build up to the final chorus, as it sounds smooth and not too over the top and fits in with the rest of the song well. I LOVE the bouncy synths used in the second half of the chorus. Well, to be honest I love that whole section! It's catchy and although it says 'nobody' SO many times, it doesn't feel repetitive and the synths sound bouncy and lively which fits in well. I also really like the lyrics video for the song as it's simple but effective and I just really like it!

Next is i'm so tired... from Lauv and Troye Sivan! I LOVE the layering in the chorus with backing vocals and synths. It adds texture and depth to the song without distracting from the lead vocals and lyrics. The verses are more stripped back, with a guitar and simple percussion which again, keeps the focus on the vocals and lyrics which suits this song. I love Troye Sivan's voice and how smooth and effortless it is. His voice also works well with Lauv's and the style of the song definitely suits them both. I also really like the backing vocals in the final chorus, adding another layer to the mix but without making it feel overcrowded. The video for this song feels chilled out, matching the track which I really like. It's unique and blends well with the song itself, avoiding it feeling forced.

Overall, I love Nobody and particularly the bouncy (I don't know how to describe it but they just sound bouncy!) synths in the second half of the chorus. I also love i'm so tired... and how the video and song are both chilled out and suit the artists perfectly. In my opinion, both of these are perfect examples of collaborations done right! Both Nobody and i'm so tired... suit both artists with each song and they don't feel like the artists have been forced together.

Thanks for reading!


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