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Gorilla LP-45 Vinyl Case Review

Vinyl Case

Hellooo! With my small vinyl collection steadily growing, I decided I wanted to get a carry case to hold them all and keep them in good condition. After some online research, I decided I wanted a red one and went for a Gorilla LP-45 case on eBay for £19.99. The same seller also listed a pale blue case which I also liked the look of.

The case was delivered quickly and in good condition and I was very happy with it. The condition was listed as 'New other' which is described as being new but unused, missing original packaging, isn't sealed or new but with 'minor defects'. However, the product description stated that the case was 'manufacturer refurbished' and would arrive 'boxed as new'. In this case, the item came in a product box within the postage box but had a couple of faint marks on the case itself. However, these weren't too noticeable and was not a problem to me. The case also came with a one year warranty as well as claiming '100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back' which was a bonus.

Vinyl Case Back

The description on the eBay listing noted the colour of the case as a 'phone box' shade of red and I think that sums it up perfectly! It's not too orange or pink toned and it's just what I wanted! I also really like the stitching up the sides as it looks very professional and well made. I love the silver hardware on the case including a handle, corner protectors, two hinges and clasp closure. Not only do the corner protectors look great, they are also practical as prevent any wear on the corners which I really like. The handle has metal running through it to strengthen it, the silver hinges are reinforced to prevent the lid from flopping backwards when open and the clasp is easy to open and close. All the hardware on the case feels solid and substantial and are screwed in securely. The case is also lined with a 'black, soft felt interior' which helps to keep the vinyl cases in good condition. The black plastic feet are solid though I probable would have preferred them if they were silver metal to match the rest of the features.​​

Vinyl Case Front

My collection of seventeen 12" records (including four double LP's) and three 7" singles fits into the case with plenty of room to spare, with the listing stating that the case would hold forty to forty-five 12" vinyl records. The case as a whole feels solid and well-built and looks-wise is exactly what I was looking for. However, as great as it is to sit in my room, if you were buying a case to actually transport vinyls around, I'm not sure that this would be the one for you. The same seller on eBay has a few others listed (this one, this one and also this one) that are more heavy duty and can be locked. However, these days there are plenty of places that sell cases as well as eBay. HMV sell a range of them in store and online and I'm sure loads of independent record stores sell them too.

Thanks for reading!


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