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FF: New Tracks Featuring Avril Lavigne and The Vamps!

Hellooo! Over the past few days, two of my favourite artists released new songs! First was Avril Lavigne with a performance of this year's Special Olympics anthem at the Special Olympics Opening Ceremony! Avril Lavigne lead the performance alongside Luis Fonsi, along with a massive group of performers behind them. Today, The Vamps released a new song featuring on a track by Alok, also featuring Felix Jaehn! I'm a massive fan of Avril Lavigne and The Vamps so I was VERY excited to hear both of these songs!

First of all, Right Where I'm Supposed To Be by Avril Lavigne and Luis Fonsi, along with Hussain Al Jasmi, Tamer Hosny and Assala Nasri. Avril Lavigne has a history with the Special Olympics as she released the track Fly for the 2015 Special Olympics which I LOVED. It was such an uplifting, motivational and powerful song and definitely suited the cause! It was also a bit of a different style for Avril Lavigne and it suited her SO well! Anyways, back to this year's track! Right Where I'm Supposed To Be continues the uplifting tone associated with the Special Olympics and I really like the lyrics. I also like that parts of the song have been written in Arabic as the Special Olympics are being held in the United Arab Emirates this year. Luis Fonsi also sings part of the track in Spanish which all works well for an event bringing people from all backgrounds together. This track is more upbeat than Fly but it doesn't lose it's powerful, emotional feel. I also really like how Avril Lavigne and Luis Fonsi's voices sound when they sing together! Overall, I really like it although I can't find a studio version anywhere at the moment so I'm hoping they bring one out soon!

Next up is All The Lies by Alok featuring Felix Jaehn and The Vamps! I love Brad's voice and it suits the layered effect used in the chorus. I also really like the post-chorus instrumental drop as it's catchy and doesn't feel forced into the song. The guitar tone used along with delay and reverb works well with the kind of 'chilled out but still dancey' vibe of the song. It's interesting how the song sounds so upbeat and catchy but once you actually listen to the lyrics they're completely different. You could easily slow the track down and transform it into a heartbreaking, emotional ballad but it still suits the upbeat format it's in now. Overall, I LOVE All The Lies and CANNOT wait to see The Vamps live on their tour later on this year!

So that's what I've been listening to at the moment! I've always loved Avril Lavigne's voice and I love her voice suits whatever style of music she chooses to sing with Right Where I'm Supposed To Be being no exception! I'm very much looking forward to the studio version of the song being released! I also LOVED All The Lies featuring The Vamps and the story the lyrics behind the song told. It was a well executed collaboration and I just love it!

Thanks for reading!


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