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TBT: Bry - Bry Album Review

Hellooo! I wrote this review way back in 2016! For some reason I never got round to posting it at the time and it's been sat in my drafts ever since! I've dusted it off and added a few modifications and thought I'd post it as I loved the album. It also seems fitting as Bry has returned to the music scene with a new tour announcement. The album in question was Bry's self-titled debut album! He's released a couple of EPs prior to his full album and I managed to grab the last one on the shelf from my local HMV. I've met Bry three times so far and he's the such a down to earth, lovely person. I also managed to see him on tour earlier that year and I think that might be another post sitting in my drafts!

The album includes a few of his older tracks, a couple he released not long before the album came out along with a bunch of new ones. The vintage Bry tracks include Care, Adventure Time and one of my favourites, Your Life Over Mine. As much as I ​love Bry's more acoustic tracks, I LOVE the more rocky tracks and the new version of Your Life Over Mine sounds incredible with huge drums and full instrumentation. You can really hear how Bry's voice has grown when you listen to the older songs compared to the tracks on this album. As for the newer songs, the album includes the singles Don't Go Alone and You're Alright which were both released prior to the album launch. Both of these songs have beautiful, heart-tugging lyrics behind the upbeat rhythm and wall of guitars and his writing throughout the whole album is phenomenal. I loved both of these songs when they were released and they suited being released as singles. Now on with the NEW new songs! Disarm opens the album and it's definitely one of my favourites! It's right up ​​

my street with ​​reverberant drums, tonnes of backing vocals and catchy lyrics. It's one of those songs where you just HAVE to at least tap your foot along to. Hope You're Listening is slightly slower and is another one of my favourites! I love the witty lyrics and the arrangement suits the song well. Fall In Place is another new track on the album which is a beautiful ballad. Pieces channels an Adventure Time kind of vibe with simple instrumentation letting Bry's vocals shine. Finally, Everything has an awesome chorus with dramatic drums and flawless vocals. All in all, my stand outs from the album are Disarm, Your Life Over Mine and Hope You're Listening! Bry is an album of two parts, with half being classic, acoustic Bry and the other being rockier, full production Bry. I like that he hasn't gone full Hollywood and has chosen to keep one foot in his roots, especially with the inclusion of updated versions of some of his older tracks. Personally, I prefer the rockier tracks but I can see the attraction to the acoustic tracks too! The production on the whole album is amazing! Everything sounds so full on the rockier songs and the vocals in particular sound beautifully soft with plenty of complimentary reverb on the more acoustic tracks.

Thanks for reading! Sophie

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