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FF: Zedd, Katy Perry and Years & Years, MNEK

Hellooo! This week I've been loving a couple of songs with the first being the collaboration between Zedd and Katy Perry and the second being the collaboration between Years & Years and MNEK! It seems everyone's teaming up at the moment! Coincidentally, both ​​Zedd and Katy Perry's 365 and Years & Years and MNEK's Valentino were both released on Valentine's Day this year! However, even though they both revolve around relationships (suiting their release date), they both have very different takes on the subject!

When I first saw the title of the video on Katy Perry's YouTube channel as I love both artists so was super excited to hear the song! Zedd joins Katy Perry on 365 and I love the result of their partnership! I love the rhythm of the song along with the instrumentation throughout the song and how it shows a more chilled out side to Katy Perry's music which works well with her vocals. The lyrics are positive and uplifting and I love the melody in the chorus along with the layering in the backing track, which adds texture in a way that brings the whole song together. I also really like the melody and tone of the synth that opens the track and continues throughout the song! I LOVE the video for 365 and how it links to the lyrics in the song in a unique yet relatable way. Katy Perry's performance in the video also caught my attention as I loved her acting throughout the video!

The next song I've been enjoying listening to is another collaboration! This time, Years & Years and MNEK partnered up to release Valentino! I love how the song shows the vocal flexibility of both Years & Years' Olly and MNEK and although their voices are quite different, they blend well together. As with the partnership between ​​​​Zedd and Katy Perry, Valentino doesn't feel forced as they work well together and complement each other. I love the song itself and really like the melody of the pre-chorus and the middle 8. I also love the layers of backing vocals and harmonies throughout the song, adding more depth to the song. I love the video to Valentino and the overall aesthetic of the video. Olly always puts on an amazing performance in music videos for Years & Years tracks and MNEK definitely meets his energy in this one!

All in all, I love both of these songs and how creative their videos are! 365 is a more chilled out track whereas Valentino makes you want to get up and dance along! Both of these collaborations were surprising when I first saw the titles and I was excited to hear them as I love all the artists individually but they make perfect sense once you listen to the tracks! I also love that both of them are true partnerships as the titles list both artists equally rather than it being one artist featuring the other and they all feature heavily in their videos.

Thanks for reading!


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