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Limited Edition: 5 Seconds of Summer Youngblood Blue Vinyl and Signed CD

Signed 5SOS Youngblood CD

Hellooo! When 5 Seconds of Summer first released their latest album, Youngblood, I wasn't too sure about it as it was a VERY different sound to their previous albums. However, after a few listens through, I grew to LOVE it! I originally bought the deluxe version of the CD from HMV the day after it was released and loved listening to it. A week or so later, 5 Seconds of summer released a signed version of the deluxe album as a 'Flash Sale' which was available for one week only, although I think it sold out before the end if its run. There was only one catch, it was only available on the USA version of their store. I'd been on the hunt for a signed 5 Seconds of Summer CD to add to my collection for a while and even though there was a hefty shipping fee, I couldn't resist buying one and I'm VERY happy with it! It ended up being $11.99 plus $11.20 postage which was around £17.57 in total.

I've recently been growing my vinyl collection and wanted to add a Youngblood vinyl to it. I did some research into the different versions of the album on vinyl and found that, along with the standard black pressing of the record, there was also a clear version and a translucent orange version which was sold at USA Urban Outfitters stores and was limited to 2000 copies. Finally, I came across a light blue version which was exclusive to HMV stores. I seem to have a small collection of blue vinyls and decided I wanted the blue version of the Youngblood album. I read somewhere that it was limited to 500 copies but I couldn't find that anywhere else so I'm not sure how accurate that was! I found a copy on eBay for £19 including postage so grabbed it before it disappeared!

5SOS Youngblood HMV Blue Vinyl

The vinyl arrived in brand new condition with the wrapper still on however, there were a few creases in the cardboard sleeve but nothing too noticeable! The vinyl inner sleeve was branded to match the outer sleeve which I really liked along with the fact that the vinyl cover was different to the album cover, as it makes the vinyl feel more exclusive. Onto the vinyl itself! I love the shade of blue that they've chosen and how opaque the colour is! I have some more translucent vinyls too but it's nice to own another opaque coloured vinyl. I would've liked if this vinyl was the deluxe version of the album as I love the extra three songs however, as far as I can see, none of the versions of the album on vinyl are the deluxe version so I don't feel like I'm missing out! It's a great addition to my small but growing collection and I'm very happy I snapped it up while I could.

All in all, I love this album and maybe I'll do a post about the album itself. I'm really happy with the pale blue Youngblood vinyl and next on my list is the green version of 5 Seconds of Summer's Sounds Good Feels Good vinyl! I'm also SO happy I finally got my hands on a signed 5 Seconds of Summer CD! I'd been after one for SO long and was over the moon when it arrived!

Thanks for reading!


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