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FF: New Songs From Mabel and Bring Me The Horizon

Hellooo! This week's Favourites Friday includes new songs from Mabel and Bring Me The Horizon! Both have released new videos in the past week (ish) and I love them both!

I'm definitely becoming a fan of Mabel as I just LOVE her voice! I love the tone and range she has and just overall love listening to her! The video for her new track, Don't Call Me Up, was released on the 18th January and reminds me slightly of Dua Lipa's New Rules video which is definitely not a bad thing! It's a very girl power-y video and I really like it it! I love the song itself and particularly the way it has been arranged and produced. The harmonies in the pre chorus sound amazing and I also love the effect on the vocals during the chorus. The deep, processed vocals sat behind the lead vocal line add more texture and thickens the vocals - not that Mabel needs it but it works well as a creative choice! I'm also pretty sure everyone can relate to the lyrics in the song! I like that it's a positive spin on a post-breakup song that's full of power! All in all, I love the song and Mabel's voice!

With Bring Me The Horizon's new album, amo, being released today, it seems fitting that a track from the album is the second in today's Favourites Friday! The lyrics video for mother tongue was released a few days ago on the 22nd January and it's a lot softer than some of their other music. The band had previously said the new album would be more experimental with styles and lyrics than they've released previously and it definitely shows! I always love the lyrics in Bring Me The Horizon songs and mother tongue was no different! Though they're more romantic than aggressive, they are still poetic and I liked it from the first time I heard it, even if it was a fair bit different to what I was expecting! I love the chorus and although I do think they could've gone a little heavier with the guitars, I think Bring Me The Horizon were going with a softer tone for this track. I love how Oli Sykes has chosen to sing the chorus with the belting notes being more sung than screamed as even though I do love their more screamy songs, it probably would've felt out of place on mother tongue. I also LOVE how he's chosen to use falsetto during the choruses and the song as a whole reminds me slightly of Follow You from their previous album, That's The Spirit. The drums are another aspect of the song that I LOVE, particularly during the final chorus and all in all, I love the song!

Thanks for reading!


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