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FF: Nina Nesbitt and Dear Evan Hansen

Hellooo! The first track in today's Favourites Friday is the new song from Scottish singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt, Colder. Second is Requiem from the Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen which is coming to the West End soon enough! Two pretty different songs that I have loved listening to for different reasons!

Nina Nesbitt is an artist I'd heard of before but never really listened to her music until I heard her new song, Colder, on Lincs FM (good old local radio station!) and loved it! I loved the effortlessly smooth vocals throughout the song and particularly the layering of the vocals on the chorus. The production behind the song gives it a chilled feeling while still retaining a powerful edge. The lyrics also caught my attention as they have a unique perspective on moving on from heartbreak and I just love the way it's written. Along with the song itself, I also really like the accompanying aesthetic driven video and the colour palettes used throughout were gorgeous and suited the song well! Overall, I've just really enjoyed listening to this song over the past week!

I originally came across Barrett Wilbert Weed's cover of Requiem from Dear Evan Hansen before hunting down the original Broadway cast version of the song. The only song I've listened to from Dear Evan Hansen was Waving Through a Window which I LOVE but I've stayed away from the rest as I'd like to see the show at some point without any expectations. Anyways, once I worked out that Requiem was from Dear Evan Hansen, I found the original version to have a listened to. Seeing as I'd already heard Barrett Wilbert Weed's cover, I couldn't resist listening to the original and it did not disappoint! I have a rough idea of the story of the show and what the song is about however, I haven't listened to the song within the context of the show so I can't comment too much on the meaning behind the song but that doesn't mean I can't talk about other aspects of it! The song is sung by three characters within the show, played by Laura Dreyfuss, Michael Park and Jennifer Laura Thompson in the Original Broadway Cast Recording and although they are all singing about the same topic, they all have completely different opinions. I love the harmonies throughout the song between the performers and the interweaving melodies of each layer. I also like the different rhythms throughout the song, making it feel like the pace changes through the different stages of the song. I'm very intrigued to see how Requiem is portrayed on stage and hope I get to see Dear Evan Hansen one day! However, for now I will enjoy the amazing cast recording version of the song which I have been loving at the moment!

So that's what I've spent my week listening to! A chilled out track from Nina Nesbitt and a song from Dear Evan Hansen for the more dramatic moments during the week!

Thanks for reading!


P.S. Also just noticed the thumbnails for those videos are both blue which makes me VERY happy that they match and we'll say it was completely intentional!

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