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Some Thoughts On... Musician/Car Sponsorship Deals

Hellooo! A bit of a different one for today! There's an advert that's been doing the rounds on TV for a while now and it always catches my attention and the other day I saw a similar one that also got me thinking. So the first one was an advert for Skoda starring Paloma Faith with one of her songs in the background and the second advert was for Suzuki with Take That featuring.

I liked the Skoda advert with Paloma Faith as I loved her music and the message behind the advert. The uplifting song suited the positive theme of the advert well and it was a great final product along with the full version uploaded to the Skoda YouTube page as a music video for the song. The Suzuki and Take That pairing took a different approach with the band travelling in the Vitara to surprise unsuspecting fans. This advert is also the first in a campaign containing a series of adverts featuring Take That. Again, this is a great advert as it shows the band are willing to go the extra mile for their fans but I just struggle to see how Skoda and Suzuki benefit from the arrangements.

The artists benefit from the adverts as they get more exposure for themselves and their music and it can help them build their brand. Viewers may hear the music on the advert and may decide to stream or download the song or album or even buy the physical album, who'd have thought it! On the other hand, the car manufacturer gets more exposure for their car however, it's unlikely a fan of the artist would buy the car based on the artist featured in the advert. This wouldn't be the case if the product was something more affordable such as a particular clothing range or a makeup line, where a consumer might choose to buy the product because they are a fan of the artist or they trust that the artist would promote a good product.

Featuring an artist in an advert would likely catch the attention of more viewers however, I can't imagine it would boost sales much more than if they ran an advertising campaign that didn't feature an artist or celebrity. On the other hand, I guess if you were in the market for a new car and you were a fan of Paloma Faith, you might see the advert and add the Skoda to the list of cars to check out. Also, with expensive items such as cars, lower numbers of sales are needed to gain the same amount of revenue as a high number of sales of inexpensive inexpensive items meaning that they don't need as many Paloma Faith fans to buy the car. However, the car manufacturers would still need to make enough profit from sales related to the advert to recoup money spent on getting the artist to be part of the advert.

All in all, the adverts wouldn't exist if both parties weren't benefiting from it somewhere along the line. Also, the fact that these adverts stood out to me shows that they succeeded in raising awareness of the cars they were advertising. I don't know if this post made all that much sense but it's a topic that's been floating around in my brain ever since I first saw the adverts on the TV!

Thanks for reading!


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