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Made in Dagenham (Huddersfield) Review

Hellooo! I've been rather busy the past couple of months finishing my final year of University and although I've got a few things planned, I'm now trying to get back on top of all the reviews I need to write so I thought I'd start with a show I loved! Back in March (Saturday the 17th) I popped into the Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield to see the matinee performance of Made in Dagenham from the Woodhouse Musical Theatre Company! As is normally the case, I went into the show knowing next to nothing about the story or the music but was drawn in by the girl power branding so thought I'd give it a go! I'd seen the Woodhouse Musical Theatre Company's 2017 production of Legally Blonde which I really enjoyed so I expected to enjoy Made in Dagenham but I ended up loving it! I was sat in seat G13 in the Stalls which was £17 and had a perfect view of the stage! The seats were comfortable with plenty of legroom and I'd definitely sit there again!

On to the show! I really enjoyed the story and how it included women from all different backgrounds at different points in their lives coming together to stand up for what they believed in. Although it was set in 1968, it wasn't outdated as the story and opinions could very easily be applied to present day scenarios. I was really impressed with the sets, costumes, sound and lighting and the overall production value of the show as it didn't feel like a local production, it could've been a full UK tour and I wouldn't have questioned it! I really liked the music in the show there were some heartfelt songs and some upbeat, catchy songs and they all fit the show well! My only criticism of the show was that it felt like it ended very abruptly! So basically the story of the show is the women of the Dagenham Ford factory fighting for equal pay and then just before the end they are awarded equal pay and then the show just sort of ends. It felt like it needed a moment of reflection from some of the characters or something just to round off the ending but I still loved the show!

The cast in this show were incredible! Again, it didn't feel like a local production as the performers were at such a high level! I loved Francesca Preston's funny and charming portrayal of Clare and the singing and acting from Holly Comber-Moccia and Neil Broadbent as Rita and Eddie O'Grady was SO GOOD! Helen Woodhead was heartbreaking as Connie Riley in Act 2 and she definitely did the part justice! Oh and Richard Armstrong abseiling in at the start of Act 2 as Mr Tooley was just hilarious! Overall, the entire cast were so well-suited to their roles and were all brilliant performers!

Overall I loved the show and the performers in it and would definitely recommend checking out the Woodhouse Musical Theatre Company's production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield in September! If you're in the area I'd definitely recommend checking out what's on at the Lawrence Batley Theatre as they have a broad range of productions such as a variety of visiting shows and regular comedy nights! It's a great little local venue especially if you want to see some high quality theatre but you're on a budget!

Thanks for reading!


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