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Wonderland UK Tour (Stoke) Review

Hellooo! First things first, everybody stay calm, I met Kerry Ellis! Along with Natalie McQueen, Stephen Webb and Wendi Peters! We'll get to that in a bit! So over the weekend I went down to Stoke and got to see Wonderland for the third time and I'm aware my blog is turning into 50% Wonderland and Wicked reviews but what can I say, I know what I like! Anyways it was AMAZING yet again and I thought I wouldn't have much to write about as I've already done two reviews but I came out with heaps to talk about!

First things first, Kerry Ellis starred as Alice and was absolutely phenomenal! The whole cast was on a whole other level on Saturday evening, they were flawless the previous two times I saw them but this time I was even more blown away! Kerry held her last note in Through The Looking Glass even longer than usual and was just spectacular from start to finish. Not to be outdone, Natalie McQueen (Mad Hatter) was incredible and her performance of I Will Prevail was filled to the brim with powerful riffs! Wendi Peters (Queen of Hearts) also impressed with a super long note in Off With Their Heads and the whole cast was spot on!

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This time, we had Toyan Thomas-Browne covering the role of the Caterpillar who was so comedic and sassy throughout the show, I loved seeing his take on the role! Also, if I'm not mistaken, we had Lewis Easter covering Toyan's ensemble role who I enjoyed seeing fit into the role faultlessly! I always find it interesting to see how the cast work together when different performers are on stage but with both of these guys, if you didn't know they were understudy/ swing performers, you wouldn't have known if that makes sense!

Naomi Morris was sensational as Ellie yet again and Stephen Webb fits the character of Jack so well both before and after his trip through the Looking Glass! The White Rabbit was played by Dave Willetts again who makes the character so warm and welcoming. I was drawn to the March Hare more this time as I love how Ben Kerr plays the character. I know I already went on about the Cheshire Cat in my other two review but Dominic Owen's portrayal of the character is just spot on! His comedic timing and energy throughout the show is incredible!

I paid more attention to the songs I couldn't remember this time round and I loved Worst Day again along with the melodies in Down the Rabbit Hole, the emotion in Home and the uplifting Together. Of course, The Mad Hatter, Through The Looking Glass, I Will Prevail, This Is Who I Am and Finding Wonderland were absolutely amazing once again! This Is Who I Am and Finding Wonderland have to be my absolute favourites but the music throughout the show is incredible!

I was sat in seat B16 which was just perfect! We were fifth row back and I was dead centre, giving me the best view I've had of Wonderland! The seats were roomy and comfortable and everything looked and sounded amazing from where we were sat!

Once the show had finished, we went round to the stage door in the hope of seeing the actors leave but not really expecting to meet anyone as it was the last show of the week and all that. Somehow, I managed to meet four of the cast with Stephen Webb leaving first who was SO nice and so patient with everyone. Natalie McQueen followed who I was SO excited to meet who was also lovely before I got to meet Kerry Ellis which I am still freaking out over! She is just such a lovely person and I'm over the moon to have met her! Finally, Wendi Peters came out who was also super nice and patient with everyone. It all went by in a blur and I dread to think what came out of my mouth. I think I went into politeness overdrive and said thank you to each of them a good 50 times... Now I was over the moon to just be seeing the show again but meeting some of my favourite performers from the show was such an amazing experience. They were all SO lovely and took pictures with everyone and signed things and it was the last show of the week and they probably just wanted to flop into bed but they took the time to meet everyone and I know everyone appreciated it SO much! So if any of them somehow happen to be reading this (here's me being SUPER hopeful) then THANK YOU, you made a lot of people, myself included, very happy that day!

Anyway, enough of me fangirling! The whole show as just incredible and I'm still hoping that by some miracle they'll release a soundtrack because it would be a shame to see such an amazing cast get lost into stage history. That didn't make any sense but you know what I mean! I love how the show goes from comedic parts such as the boy band sections to tear-jerking moments like Finding Wonderland and I still can't recommend it enough! Kerry and Natalie have SO much talent between them it's an honour to watch them perform! There's a reason Kerry's so popular, she's absolutely phenomenal! The Wonderland UK Tour is coming to a close soon so grab tickets while you can, you definitely won't regret it!

Thanks for reading!


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