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Home Bargains £1.49 Headphones Review

Hellooo! I have another headphones review for you today! This time, they are red earphones that I bought from Home Bargains for £1.49. The brand is Coby which has a logo that looks suspiciously like Sony's... The packaging claims that they have 'in ear isolation', 'powerful bass response' and a full 20Hz-20kHz frequency response so I am intrigued to see whether that's the case or not.

First Impressions

I was attracted to the bright red package in the shop and now that I have taken them out of the packet, the headphones feel fairly decent quality so it's looking positive so far! The packaging contains a lot of information which looks more promising than the Primark ones that I reviewed were!


The ear buds are an appealing metallic red colour with silver accents and white rubber covers. They are plastic but they feel pretty decent and the cable just feels like a standard headphones cable. The 3.5mm jack has a red cover on it which I think would've looked better in white as the red doesn't match the ear buds and it looks a bit mismatched. Oh and they actually state which one is left and which is right!

Ease Of Use

These earphones come with two sets of white rubber covers with one set being larger than the other and I found that the smaller set fit my ears much better than the larger ones. I like that they chose to include two sets as usually budget earphones only come with larger ones which not everyone would prefer to have. It's easy to distinguish which is left and which is right and all in all, these earphones are super easy to use!


I decided to test these out by listening to Learn To Love Again and Used To Be Us by Lawson as I know both of these tracks especially well and Used To Be Us has guitars panned noticeably to the left and right so it's a good test for stereo headphones! The top end seemed to be missing from these headphones but you could hear the bass well enough and the audio was clear. Obviously you wouldn't be able to use these for critical listening but for £1.49 they're pretty good and would be good to use during a commute or something where you're not too fussed about the quality. I don't think I'd say that the bass response was 'powerful' or that they have a full frequency response but I think they have pretty good 'in ear isolation' so the package was correct with that one.

Final Thoughts

For £1.49 these are a bargain but don't expect them to be amazing! They're decent enough to listen to when you're out and about or something but I wouldn't rely on these as my primary earphones. They'd be good if you wanted a decent pair that would be cheap to replace if something happened to them but be aware that the high end frequency response isn't great. On the other hand, the music still sounds clear and if you're not too bothered about the quality of the sound then I'm sure these would be a perfect bargain for you!

Thanks for reading! Sophie

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