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Primark Headphones Review

Hellooo! Today I will be reviewing some white headphones I bought from Primark for £1.50! Primark have had gadgety products in their stores for a while but I don't think I've actually tried anything from them so I thought I'd give these pocket-friendly headphones a try.

First Impressions

The headphones come in a resealable plastic bag which was super easy to get into; always a bonus. Since they were £1.50 I wasn't expecting much but I expected them to be half decent and they feel pretty decent although the plastic ear pieces show why they were cheap. I don't normally buy the in-ear type headphones as I struggle to get them in my ears but I thought you know what, I'll give them a go. The only brand on the packet was Primark so I'm guessing they're made by Primark and not an independent brand.


The headphones are a bright white and the cord is flat like the ones that normally advertise themselves as 'tangle-free'. The package doesn't claim to be tangle free but simply states 'essential headphones' the ear buds are white plastic with a silvery plastic ring to make them look a bit fancier. They only come with one set of rubber buds although these can be removed so you could always put your own on if you liked. Left and right aren't specified on these headphones just as they weren't on the Poundland headphones I reviewed.

Ease Of Use

I managed to fit them in my (as I've been told) petite ears with no problems and they felt pretty secure and the cable didn't get tangled which is always a bonus! Overall I didn't have any problems with them in this respect; they performed just like any other pair of earphones would.


Learn To Love Again by Lawson was the tune of choice again and immediately I could tell that sound quality was pretty poor. The sound felt muffled as it did with the Poundland ones although it was certainly not as bad and the bass was just about intelligible although I couldn't hear the subbier harmonics. On the louder notes, the vocals sounded as though they were distorting but I had it on the same volume I always play it at so it must have been a fault with the headphones. All in all the sound quality was pretty terrible but on the plus side, they seemed to cancel out the sound around me pretty well!

Final Thoughts

If you're not bothered about sound quality and you have a very limited budget then maybe these would be for you but I don't think I'll be recommending these to anyone anytime soon. I guess they could be good for if you go jogging or something as they'd cancel out the outside world but wouldn't fly out of your ears but again, bear in mind that the sound quality will be poor as when it comes to headphones, you usually get what you pay for.

Thanks for reading! Sophie

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