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PVRIS - White Noise Album Review

Hellooo! One of my favourite benefits of being a student is getting Amazon Prime at a lower price! I love discovering new music and the fact that it's free is even better! However, I'm pretty sure I'll be buying the disk version of this album pretty soon!


  1. Smoke

  2. St. Patrick

  3. My House

  4. Holy

  5. White Noise

  6. Fire

  7. Eyelids

  8. Mirrors

  9. Ghosts

  10. Let Them In

First up on the album is a track called Smoke and I really like this song and in particular the middle 8. I also love how one of PVRIS' statement features seems to be to let the song go silent before the song bursts back in and in this case, into the final chorus. Second is St. Patrick which I LOVE! I love the line 'you give me something to think about that's not the shit in my head' as its sang with such passion that makes it so relatable. I also love the synthy feel to the song and the drums throughout are awesome and the pre-chorus is awesome and it's all just awesome! The third track on the album is My House which follows the supernatural theme that seems to be present in this album. The lyrics appear to tell the story of a ghost in the house unless it's all just one big metaphor. I do really like this song though and I like how there's an almost robotic sounding version of the vocals sitting behind the main vocal line in the verses to prevent it becoming too thin when the drums aren't present. Holy is the fourth track on the album and again, the drums are awesome! It's not one of my favourites on the album as I feel that it becomes a bit repetitive after a while but I don't dislike it.

Track number 5 is the title track, White Noise and is one of my favourite songs on the album! It has a slight dubstep feel and I love the belting vocals on the choruses and again, the drums are awesome! The middle 8 has to be my favourite part and the song is more of a ballad than the others but still retains the power and energy that the album has. Also, I love how the outro sounds as though Lynn is singing through a telephone, reflecting the 'static' lyrics.

Number 6 is called Fire and brings the tempo back up to jumping, headbanging status. It's not particularly a stand out track but I do like it. Next is a song called Eyelids which to me would just fit perfectly on a trailer for an action video game or something. It has a slower tempo than the previous song but I really like it. Oh and the outro reminds me of Bastille!

Mirrors is track number 8 and is the reason that I chose to listen to this album. At Uni, one of our modules included performing a breakfast radio show and we chose to include Mirrors as one of the songs that we played. I love the song and it's probably one of the more poppier songs on the album which I think majority of people would enjoy listening to. Number 9 is Ghosts which isn't particularly a stand out track but I love Lynn's vocals and the drums (surprise surprise) on the track.

Finally, Let Them In closes the album and is one of my favourites! The first verse begins with a dancey style before the booming drums kick in leading into the high-power chorus. The grit in Lynn's voice translates well in this headbang inducing track with almost screaming elements.

Overall, I now love PVRIS! The vocals and drums are awesome and I love their mix of supernatural themed pop rock with a dash of synth. White Noise, Mirrors and Let Them In are my personal favourites on the album but I can't name a single track that I don't like! It's an awesome album and I highly recommend it!

Thanks for reading! Sophie PVRIS' Links

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