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Cleethorpes Rocks Review

Hellooo! Now Cleethorpes doesn't often have much excitement but over summer we tend to have a fair few events on and a week or so ago Scouting For Girls headlined day two of Cleethorpes Rocks! I attended the second day of the three-day festival and although it was wet and windy, I'm SO glad I did!

The line up was pretty impressive with a variety of local acts before more well known names took to the stage. The Brookes had a northern rock kind of vibe before The Froot '67 took their heavier, instrumental lead set to the stage. Mustang were a standout for me with a mixture of indie vocals and rockier guitars.

Chariots had a particularly memorable front man who captured the crowd's attention with his quirky dress sense and charismatic personality. Oh and he REALLY wanted cathedral reverb on his vocals. The Brew were another standout with an energetic classic rock feel and I will definitely be looking them up on YouTube!

Next was Reverend and The Makers who I'd heard of before but never listened to but it was one of those moments where you're stood there thinking 'I recognise this song'... Anyway, they got the whole crowd singing and dancing and were full of energy throughout the whole set and although the bass was super loud, it suited the set well so I'll let them off!

Finally, Scouting For Girls took to the stage who were incredible! They sang a whole bunch of songs from their catalogue from their debut single to their most recent single and also threw a cover or two into the mix! From watching back the videos I took, I have concluded that the setlist was as follows...


Love How It Hurts (my personal favourite!)

Elvis Ain't Dead

It's Not About You


Live And Let Die

Posh Girls

This Ain't A Love Song

Living On A Prayer


She's So Lovely

They were amazing from start to finish and I hope I get the chance to see them again! Previously, Scouting For Girls weren't a band that I would've gone out of my way to see but their Cleethorpes Rocks performance sent me binge listening their albums and now I will be looking out for their future shows! Whether you know the songs or not, Scouting For Girls are energetic, enthusiastic performers with infectious songs that would get you tapping your feet along to at the very least! I've heard Scouting For Girls say in interviews before that they like their shows to be like a party and they really did accomplish that! The sound was spot on and the lighting was pretty good too! I really can't praise the performance enough, Scouting For Girls were the highlight of the day for sure and now I'm going to go and buy the albums of theirs that I don't already have...

My only problems with the festival was that the food options were very limited (I mean nowhere sold chips!) and the stage was positioned in an odd way that definitely did not make the best use of the space. However, the acts were great and did I mention Scouting For Girls were amazing! I had an awesome day and from what I could see, so did everyone around me.

Thanks for reading! Sophie

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