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Against The Current - In Our Bones Album Review

Hellooo Last Friday Against The Current released their Debut Album In Our Bones and my signed copy arrived from Amazon! It's been on repeat ever since and I love it!


  1. Running With The Wild Things

  2. Forget Me Now

  3. Chasing Ghosts

  4. One More Weekend

  5. In Our Bones

  6. Young & Relentless

  7. Runaway

  8. Brighter

  9. Wasteland

  10. Blood Like Gasoline

  11. Roses

  12. Demons

The first track on the album is Running With The Wild Things, the first track to be released from the album and is a powerful pop rock track with a catchy chorus. I previously wrote a Favourites Friday about the song which you can find here! Second on the album is Forget Me Now which was also posted on YouTube before the album was released and is all about showing people from your past how far you've come. It's a song that says 'look what I've achieved' to the people that doubted you in the past.

Track number 3 is called Chasing Ghosts and is one of my favourites from the album! The tempo is slower than the first two tracks on the album and Chrissy's vocals shine above the simple piano and intricate guitar backing. The drums are simple yet effective on the track and I love the ghostly backing vocals, reflecting the title of the track. One More Weekend is next on the album and has a relaxed first verse before it launches into an energetic pop chorus. It's a feel good anthem that would get everyone dancing along at a concert.

In Our Bones is track number 5 and I have to say, I really wasn't sure about it the first couple of times I heard it. However, the more I've listened to it, the more it's grown on me. I love the angelic vocals on the chorus and the laid back feel of the track. The harmonies on the track are beautiful and now that I've given it a chance, I really like it. Next on the album is Young & Relentless which brings the tempo and power right back up. It has the same kind of feel as One More Weekend and is all about living life to the max while you're young.

Number 7 is Runaway and is one of my favourites from the album! It's super catchy and gets stuck in my head on a regular basis! You can check out my full review of the song here. Brighter is number 8 on the album and was featured on the Gravity EP. This version of the track feels more polished than the original version and is one of those songs that you'd get your light out and sway to at a concert. It's a beautiful song and gives me goosebumps every time!

Wasteland is next up on the album and is another one of my favourites! It's probably one of my favourite Against The Current songs ever! In my full review which you can find here, I ripped into Chrissy's different vocal style but now that I've listened to it a million and one times I absolutely LOVE it! I think it suits the song perfectly and I definitely wouldn't change it!

Track number 10 is Blood Like Gasoline and is another one of my favourites! As you can tell, this album did not disappoint! This song shows the rockier side of Against The Current with powerful guitars and drums. My one fault with this track is the production on the middle 8 as you can clearly hear where different takes have been stitched together but aside from that I love the song! Chrissy nails the vocals once again and I just love her voice! Roses is track number 11 and I quite like it. It's not particularly a stand out for me but it's still an awesome song! It tells the story of looking back on (possibly) a relationship and has rockier guitars which stand out in the instrumental section of the song. This feels like one of the songs that will grow on me and become a stand out eventually! Finally Demons closes the album and Is another song that isn't particularly a favourite of mine. Chrissy sounds angelic in the choruses and the drums are a feature in the synthy verses. I also really like the flute towards the end of the song.

Overall, what an album! Against The Current have included a range of styles and I love it all! At the moment, my favourite tracks on the album are Chasing Ghosts and Blood Like Gasoline but I also really love Runaway and Wasteland! I would definitely recommend this album and it's amazing to see how far the band have come from their Infinity EP! Chrissy's voice is incredible and the band sound amazing together! I'm now looking forward to their tour which I got tickets to this morning! Thanks for reading! Sophie

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