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Poundland Headphones Review

The headphones as I bought them

Hellooo! I thought I'd try a new format today and write a review of some headphones I bought from Poundland the other day. Yes, I know, obviously headphones from Poundland are going to be awful but they were pretty and I was curious.

The headphones came packed with a standard plastic covering against a cardboard background. The bright, blood red colour made it stand out against the other black headphones in the shop and they looked more professional than the others. However, the pretty packaging may not reflect the product inside so I decided to grab a pair seeing as they were only a pound.

First Impressions

Once I'd torn open the plastic outer shell, I inspected the headphones inside. First things first, they are extremely light and flimsy. The headband is thin plastic which reminded me of a child's headband and feels like it's on the verge of snapping when placed on the head. The cable is thin and fragile and looks easy to damage. Also, there are chips and scratches covering the silver sections of the headphones. These headphones definitely feel like they cost £1 and don't specify which side is left and which is right.


The headphones are a vibrant red colour which is about the only thing I love about them. The outer part of the ear pads have a concave appearance and the cable matches the scarlet colour. From a distance they look decent but once you get closer, it's easy to see why they were only a pound.

Ease of use

Firstly, I found it hard to adjust the headband length as they kept getting stuck but I was surprised that you could alter the headband length anyway so that was a bonus. Once I'd won the battle of the headband and got them onto my head, I found a new battle: getting them to stay on my ears. The ear pads were rough and the headband felt uncomfortable. Once I took them off, I noticed that they'd become twisted as you can see in the picture.


Next, I thought I'd test these headphones by listening to a song that I know like the back of my hand: Learn To Love Again by Lawson. The first thing I picked up on was that the sound was noticeably quiet compared to my AKG headphones and the song sounded muffled with a huge loss in clarity. Also, the high end on the vocals was missing, adding to the muffled effect.


They really don't feel like they'd last long. I think that after a few uses, the headband or cable would snap or something else would break on them. The fact that they became twisted after one use speaks volumes (pun intended) about the quality of the product. Although the colour is nice, the headphones are very flimsy and look like toy headphones rather than real ones.

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for a cheap pair of headphones, don't get these! I don't think I could deal with listening to music through these headphones for long, the sound is so muffled and the quality is awful. I definitely wouldn't recommend them, anyone considering buying them would be better to have a look around the internet to find an better quality alternative for a few pounds more.

I hope this helped in some way! Thanks for reading, Sophie

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