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FF: Ariana Grande, Calvin Harris Feat. Rihanna and Iggy Azalea

Hellooo! Today's Favourites Friday is going to be a bit different because I've chosen three songs I'm loving at the moment to talk about! First is Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande. Now I have a love/hate relationship with Ariana as sometimes I love her songs and sometimes not so much. But I LOVE Dangerous Woman!

The power behind her vocals really shines through and her range is incredible! The backing vocals are one of my favourite parts of the track and I say that about every song but I love the impact backing vocals can have, adding depth and dimensions to the song. For me, the track has an almost retro feel compared to some of her other songs and I love the electric guitar featured. I also love the stereo image of the track, with different elements panned left and right, surrounding the listener with music.

Here's the video so you can see for yourself!

Ariana Grande's Links

Next up is This Is What You Came For by Calvin Harris featuring Rihanna! The dream team have reunited! Whenever these two get together you just know it's going to be good! Rihanna's vocals are incredible and the delay and reverb used further enhance the angelic notes that she effortlessly reaches.

The bass adds a sprinkle of summer to the track, mixing with the vocals perfectly. From the first time I heard this song I knew I loved it! The summer vibe means you can't help but bob along to the infectious beat. The twinkling synth in the background sounds almost like a harp and lifts the song giving the effect of rain drops hitting the ground before the summer vibes kick in. I mean I'm pretty sure he just chose that because it sounded nice but still.

Check out the audio clip below! Calvin Harris' Links

Rihanna's Links

Finally we have Team by Iggy Azalea which I honestly never thought I'd say but something has just made me love this song this week! The bass is so obnoxious that it stands out by a mile compared to the other songs out on the market at the moment which probably has something to do with why it's stuck in my head. The reverb on the bass stops it from becoming too rigid and empty but has a predelay long enough to differentiate it from the original sound.

The chorus is catchy but I have yet to learn Iggy's verses but one day I will! Well I'll try anyway. The claps are simple yet thick in texture and the beat is straightforward but effective. I also love the video and I WISH I was coordinated enough to learn that dance routine. Let's be real I'd hit a wall or fall flat on my face or something...

Iggy Azalea's Links

That's all for today so thanks for reading! Sophie

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