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FF: Bry - Your Life Over Mine

Hellooo! I didn't post a Favourite's Friday last week as I had a manic week and didn't get chance to write one. One of my adventures was to Nottingham to watch Bry which, of course, sent me down the rabbit hole watching his previous videos. Also, at some point I will be posting a review of the show partnered with a review of his latest single! Now I don't know how I didn't come across Your Life Over Mine sooner but it is an awesome song! He sang it in his concert and I just had to go and find it and I've been listening to it on repeat every since!

I love how Bry lets his accent shine through in his music, making it sound authentic and heartfelt. The strings blend well with the dramatic chorus, contrasting with the acoustic beginning. The backing vocals repeating the lead vocals in the chorus is another feature that I love. The lyrics are beautifully written, particularly the line 'look at where we've been through time, I'll always value your life over mine'.

The video is simple and laid back, letting the music become the focus. His guitar features his old performing name, BriBry, taking me back to when I first saw him supporting The Saturdays in Sheffield... He's certainly grown up since this video was released. Four years ago?! My personal highlight from the video is when Bry makes his guitarist jump at 1:34. Bless him.

As always, you can check out the video (and now also Bry's links) below!

Thanks for reading! Sophie

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