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FF: Muse - Dead Inside

Hellooo! This week I shall be talking about Muse's Dead Inside. What a song! The beat is so simple yet so effective and I love how the bass stands out so well in the mix. The harmonies throughout really add complexities to a song that was in danger of becoming thin.

My heart lies with the middle 8. The rhythm guitars. The layers. The bloody awesome vocals. I love that one like, 'don't leave me out in the cold'. However, I feel like some of the power and impact is lost through the processing on the vocals, it just feels like it needs something else. Even if the level was just raised slightly, it might bring back the power but other than that, I love it! There seems to be so much more emotion in this section than the rest as though Matt Bellamy is crying out at/to someone before it jumps back into the almost robotic chorus.

I must say, I'm a fan of the video. The dancing is incredible and I love the grey scale theme. However, the dust clouds make me want to cough just looking at them... Moving on! I really like the camera work and they way it's filmed, it stops it from becoming just another dance video.

Here's the video so you can check it out for yourself! Sophie

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