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FF: Against The Current - Running With The Wild Things

Hellooo! Against The Current! What a band! And what nice people! I've met them twice so far and it was a pleasure both times! Running With The Wild Things is their next single and it definitely has a different feel to the Infinity and Gravity EPs. It feels more polished and you can tell that they have a record company behind them now. Nevertheless I still love it!

Running With The Wild Things follows the same theme as their previous single, Outsiders. All about rebellion and proving people wrong. In all honesty, Outsiders has a special place in my heart and I think it's one of my favourite ATC songs so it was always going to be hard for their next single to top. Present is the usual energy throughout the song, intricate drum riffs, massive guitars and Chrissy's flawless vocals. Seriously how is she so good. How.

The almost whispered pre chorus gives you a chance to catch your breath before the chorus blasts through and before you know it you're singing along at the top of your lungs again. This really is one of those sings where you feel the urge to jump around your room whilst listening to it.

Below is the video so you can check it out for yourself! It's not the best quality but there isn't an official video for the track yet. However, it's available on iTunes so go grab it!


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