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FF: Fall Out Boy - Fourth Of July

Hellooo! Now I know I'm late to the (fourth of July) party (I'm so punny) but I recently started getting into Fall Out Boy's music and my current favourite song of theirs is Fourth Of July from their album, American Beauty/American Psycho.

I love how the more reserved pre-chorus launches into the chorus with such force that you can't help but headbang along. Just me? The drum rolls throughout the song are incredible and the harmonies in the chorus add texture in an awesome way. The (what sounds to me like a) flute in the background adds some intricate detail that stops the song becoming too flat in the pre-chorus'.

It's one of those songs that you sing along to when you have built up aggression that you need to get rid of but then you start singing and realise that your voice does NOT go that high... Again, just me? All in all, this song is an awesome song that you can just picture them singing in arenas around the world with pyrotechnics all over the place!

Here's the video so you can check it out for yourself!

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