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FF: Against The Current - Runaway

Helloooo! Right after I posted last week's Favourites Friday, I discovered that Against The Current had uploaded a new video. I have no clue how I missed it but anyway... It's a bloody damn good song! Runaway is a bit poppier than some of their tracks and I love the filtered intro and the drum roll right before the first verse kicks in. Chrissy sounds awesome as ever, transitioning between her belt and falsetto flawlessly and her voice really suits the song well. There's a range of guitar tones through out that blend perfectly and add variety to the track.

Technically, the bass stands out throughout and doesn't drown out the kick or any of the other instruments which are all well balanced. The vocals are panned central with the guitars panned to either side before one guitar taking centre stage with what sounds to me like a ping-pong delay in the post-chorus. Overall, the song is well produced and I love it! Also, the cover art for Against The Current's forthcoming album In Our Bones (shown in the video below) looks incredible! I'm so proud of them after seeing them go from years of making covers and EPs on YouTube to releasing a full blown album! I can't wait for it's release, I know it won't disappoint and it's sure to be a hit! Here's the song itself!

For an added bonus here's a nightcore version I stumbled across!

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