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FF: Fall Out Boy Feat. Demi Lovato - Irresistible

Hellooo! The other day Fall Out Boy released a video for Irresistable... Featuring Demi Lovato! This week I will be talking all about that! Firstly, I have to get my fangirling out of the way... Demi's hair. I want it. Now. She looks so cool. Like one of those girls you see and you're like I want to be like her. Long story short I just really like her hair. Anyway...

The trumpets frame the song and get cemented into your head for the foreseeable future. The drum beat is fairly straightforward with intricate hi-hat work that moves around the stereo field, surrounding you. It's almost impossible to stop your foot from tapping along to this infectious track. You could call it... Irresistable...

Demi's powerful vocals blend perfectly with Patrick's deeper tone and she somehow reaches notes I didn't know where possible. Demi's range is incredible and this song showcases just how amazing her pipes are. Don't get me wrong, I love the album version of the song but Demi just adds an extra dimension to the song with extra harmonies and rifs that make the song even more epic.

Here's the video so you can see for yourself!

See you soon! Sophie

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