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FF: Lawson - Money

Hellooo! It's a well known fact that I am a huge fan of Lawson so it's no surprise that this week's Favourites Friday is all about their new single, Money! It will be released on the 18th March but the video was released yesterday and it does not disappoint! They asked their friends and family and even some fans to go down to London to help out with the video. Sadly, London is too far away for me to pop to so I couldn't enter the contest to be in the video. Boo hoo... Anyways enough feeling sorry for myself, I've got an awesome song to talk about! Lawson have previously said that this single was pure pop and it really is. The delay on Andy's vocals makes me picture him using a 50's microphone and Ryan's bassline in the verses makes me imagine him with a double bass like back in Juliet. The syncopated guitar in the verses also gives the song a slight almost reggae feel before it bursts into an enormous chorus. It has a vastly different feel to Roads and also, this is the first video where Andy has been without his guitar. A nice little fact for you.

Money is an upbeat anthem with some parts chanted in a way that wouldn't be out of place in a stadium concert. Lyrics such as 'imagine if money grew on trees' sums up uni life at the moment and I can't help but sing 'where's the money?' when I look at my bank balance.

Here's the video so you can see for yourself!

See you soon! Sophie

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